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Wholesale Eyewear

The optical sector is a growing market. An entrepreneur who wants to open a store in this market should have an optician with him. The person can be an optician himself. In order to become an optician, it is necessary to finish the 2-year optician department. This training is given at the related universities. There are many people around the world who wear glasses. Nowadays, there are people who use glasses even to rest their eyes. There are several types of glasses, including optical, sunglasses, work and sports glasses. Because of the high variety of glasses and a large number of users of the glasses trade is also alive. For this purpose, factories producing glasses and wholesale glasses companies were established. You can buy glasses at affordable prices thanks to the companies that sell wholesale glasses. You can sell the glasses you bought

Buy Wholesale Glasses, The Rules When Buying Glasses

Hundreds of glasses models are available in different quality levels. So how will you understand the quality when buying glasses? The first point you should pay attention to when buying glasses is that you always have a company that you can reach. No matter which brand, a company that cannot answer any questions or problems is always a risk. When you first pick up the glasses, the alignment of the mounting points, the surface smoothness and appearance, and the quality of the metal ornaments used are important. The second issue is the gripping of the nostrils and the back of the ear on the handle side when you wear it on your face. Another issue is whether this product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years. A company with quality certificates such as CE, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO13485 will be behind the product, you must request these documents. Another point is that the glasses are original. You can ask for the trademark patent certificate. The frames of these glasses are not durable.
In addition, the lenses of these glasses have an adverse effect on eye health. Glass control must also be provided by tests.

whosale eyewear

Wholesale Eyewear Frames

Eyeglass frames are made of metal, plastic (TR90, ULTEM) or acetate. The spectacle frame you choose should match the age, personality, income level, hair and skin tone (for the choice of frame color) of your audience. It is very important that the frame to be taken with respect to the face structure that varies from country to country conforms to the face. No pressure should be felt in the areas behind the ear or on the nose that come in contact with the frame. In such a case, it becomes difficult to use the glasses comfortably for a long time. It is also important to adjust the frame handles to your face shape. If you use glasses that do not have this setting, it may put pressure on your temples and cause headaches.

Take Care When Wholesale Glasses Buying!

When you decide to buy wholesale glasses, you should first look for a safe company. A corporate company will ensure that you are satisfied with your shopping. In case of any failure, please contact the company. It is important that the firm where you will buy wholesale glasses is close to your region. So you can receive your products in a shorter time. Another point to be considered when buying wholesale glasses is the company’s documents. For the products it sells, you should shop from a company that has the original product certificate. Thus, the glasses you purchase are covered by the warranty. If there is a problem with the glasses, you can replace them under warranty. They also find it safer to buy warranty glasses with your customers. The fact that your glasses have a warranty certificate will put you ahead among other companies.


whosale eyewear



Optifabrik which is one of the most preferred company in the wholesale eyewear, that meets customers’ needs without compromising production quality, is one of Turkey’s biggest eyewear factories. We present important issues to be considered when purchasing wholesale eyewear to our customers. When purchasing wholesale sunglasses or wholesale optical glasses, model selection and target audience should be integrated with product quality. Model preferences varying from country to country should be selected from both classic and modern sunglasses and optical glasses to increase the target age group scale. In Optifabrik Eyewear Factory, models are selected by considering the best-selling eyewear designs every year. Therefore, when you choose us, besides your own ideas and thoughts, our recommendations will enable you to create a stronger creation. When purchasing wholesale eyewear, you should examine the models of our Toms Teddy brand.

Product quality is as important as creating creation when purchasing wholesale eyewear. Optifabrik Eyewear Industry offers its products to you with more than 50 workers without sacrificing production quality. In our production process, control teams provide control at every stage. In addition, during the packaging, controls are provided at the last stage and sent to you. The packaging of the sunglasses and optical glasses we produce is also carefully made to prevent damage during transportation.

You can see our products in Turkey at over than 1500 optical shops, our list of dealers is available on the home page of our website. Our products are not just in Turkey, more than in 15 countries shows that we love our work.

We are happy to see that our family grows with you every day on this road that we set off with the slogan: “We love to produce, we produce for you.”


Optifabrik is a company that has certified its production and product quality. We have CE, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO13485, FREE SALE certificates for each eyewears produced in Optifabrik. Having our certificates will make it easier for you to sell the glasses we produce to your customers with peace of mind.

Our customers who purchase wholesale eyewear from Optifabrik benefit not only at the stage of purchase but also after sales in our services. Our eyewears are not only in Turkey, supplying 2-year warranty on all over the world. One of the most important issues when purchasing wholesale eyewear is after-sales service. We trust our production quality and stand behind our products.

Our main goal is to work with our customers who have started to work with us by purchasing wholesale glasses for many years. When new models are released, we share them with our customers and inform our customers which models are sold more. Keeping up with the current fashion is important for continuing our wholesale eyewear sales. We work as a team with all our customers, transfer important information to you, and evaluate important ideas from you. The continuity of our communication enables us to stay more dynamic.

Our advice to wholesale eyewear companies is to work with companies that manufacture instead of intermediary companies. Optifabrik is a company that can meet your needs with its 2000 square meter closed production area and 1300 eyewears model. Working with manufacturing companies is important for production continuity. Remember that it is important for your company to complete the stocks of your best-selling products. You can contact us to buy wholesale glasses, we will be glad to work with you.

We are always with you.

* Quality product, environmentally friendly production policy
* Variety and continuity in optical frames and sunglasses
* CE, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO13485 certified products conforming to world standards
*2 years warranty, free Exchange
* Easy import to your country, free consultation


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