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It is not known who was the first person to find the glasses. Despite long research on who made this great invention, it still remains a mystery. However, according to some rumors, it is mentioned that the glasses were invented by Roger BACON. After the increase in the number of books and newspapers printed with the invention of the printing press, the glasses became a necessity rather than luxury. With the development of fashion many years later, the variety of glasses frames has increased and continues to increase.

The condition where the rays parallel to the eye focus on the retina layer is called emetropy. Emetropia is the condition of the eye with no refractive errors. If this situation cannot be achieved, that is, the rays coming parallel to the eye cannot focus on the retina, it is called ametropia (refractive error). This is a concept associated with the ratio of the refractive power of the lens and cornea to the axis length of the eye, which are the refractive environments. Refractive errors occur due to the fact that some of the rays coming into the eye do not fall on the yellow spot. The occurrence of refractive errors is genetic and has an impact on environmental factors. Refractive errors related to opticians are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

In fact, the purpose of the spectacle frame is to keep the lens in a certain position in front of the eye. The task of the frame in glasses is similar to the task of the skeleton in the body. In order to be able to identify the points that we should pay attention to when purchasing wholesale optical frames, you must first know the parts that make up the optical glasses frame.

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Optical frame selection is important because people make eye contact when communicating, and the most noticeable accessory is eyeglasses when making eye contact. Optical glasses are used continuously throughout the day, so they should be durable. Grillamide or TR90 is elastic, antibacterial, shatter resistant and is the most preferred raw material for wholesale eyewear purchases. Metal ornaments used in optical frames add elegance to the model and provide design integrity.

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It is important that there is no nickel quality and excessive welding points in metal optical glasses. Burrs should be removed carefully after the weldings are made and polished well. Metal optical glasses are coated with nickel by the lacquer method and their brightness is perfected. When purchasing wholesale metal optical glasses, attention should be paid to surface brightness and smoothness. If the nickel ratio of metal optical glasses is over 20%, you can use it with peace of mind, it means that it is resistant to breakage. Attention should be paid to the quality of front rings, stems, nosepieces, nosepiece hooks, noses and hinges that make up the metal glasses. Nose plates must be selected from silicone material in order to be useful.

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When purchasing wholesale optical glasses, it should be agreed with companies that have quality certificates such as CE, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO13485. It is always an advantage to buy wholesale optical glasses from the manufacturer. When you start receiving orders from your customers, it will make your job easier to work with the manufacturer to ensure model continuity. When communicating with the company where you will buy wholesale glasses, you should not have difficulty, and it should make a quick return to your questions and problems.

The compatibility of the mounting points, surface smoothness and appearance, and the quality of the metal trim pieces used are important. The glasses frame you choose when purchasing wholesale optical glasses should be suitable for the age, personality, income level, hair and skin tone (for frame color selection) of your customer mass. It is extremely important that the frame to be taken in accordance with the face structure varying from country to country is compatible with the face. When you wear it on your face, it should be comfortable in terms of ergonomics in terms of nose gap and grip of the back of the ear.

Make sure that the glasses you will buy wholesale are a warranty document.

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