With the first sunglasses found by the Eskimos, significant improvements have been achieved in both sunglasses lens and sunglasses frames. However, the sunglasses became widespread as a health and fashion accessory after 1960. Of course, as a result of this widespread use, a large sector has emerged when it comes to sunglasses production, sunglasses wholesale, sunglasses retail stores and online sales of sunglasses, companies in this field have started to operate. What awaits you when you want to buy wholesale sunglasses, Let’s look at 6 steps together.

Lens Selection in Wholesale Sunglasses

First of all, It should not be forgotten that the sunglasses that you will buy are for eye health. The use of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, lens quality is one of the most important issues. Lens types are Mineral (Crystal – Tempered), Organic Plastic CR-39, Polycarbonate Glasses, Film Glasses (Nylon or Polyamide). Of course, the coating on these lenses increases our protection from harmful rays; Polarized Coating, Anti-reflective (Antirefle – AR) Coating, Mirror Coating … Let’s examine these types in detail.

Mineral (Crystal – Tempered) Lenses
Quality sun glasses are designed to offer the best viewing quality and scratch resistance. These sun glasses are heavier, more costly, more prone to breakage when impact, but offer good image quality.

Plastic, Organic Plastic, CR-39 Lenses
CR-39 or organic plastic glasses are the most widely used material for general purpose sunglasses today due to their thinness and half weight of mineral glass. It meets FDA * requirements for impact resistance, but it is not unbreakable, so it is not recommended for active sports.

Polycarbonate (Polycarbonate) Lenses
Polycarbonate is a strong plastic material that stands out for sunglasses glass. Although it has a light structure, it is the most durable sun glass. It can withstand the impact of a steel ball moving at 160km / h. This type of glass is a great choice for durable sunglasses. They also have ultraviolet (UV) filtering. Polycarbonate lenses are a good choice for kids sunglasses, sports, outdoor activities and safety glasses.

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When purchasing wholesale sunglasses, lens selection must be one of the lens types mentioned above. Otherwise, the quality of the lens will not be provided and the sunglasses you will sell will not be beneficial for health, also will harmful to health.

Let’s look at some of the coatings on the lenses.

Polarized Coating

For many years, polarized sunglasses have been used by boatmen and fishermen to reduce reflection caused by water. However, the use of polarized sunglasses has become a preferred choice for drivers and general users as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts. Evidence of eye health benefits and the wide range of usage increased the popularity of polarized sunglasses. Activities where the use of polarized sunglasses is common are water sports, skiing, golf, cycling and jogging. It offers a clearer view for these activities and eliminates glare.
Light reflected from surfaces such as straight road or water is usually polarized horizontally. This horizontal polarized light is blocked by vertically oriented polarizers in the lens. It has an important effect on increasing our quality of life and protecting our eye health in our daily life.

Ideal for outdoor use, it is not suitable for use across the LCD screen.

When purchasing wholesale sunglasses, make sure that their lenses are polarized.

Anti-reflective (Antirefle – AR) Coating

It consists of various metal oxide layers applied to the front and rear lens surface. Due to the layering effect, the AR coating can be visibly understood on the outer surface of the lens with green and purple color depending on the manufacturer’s process. Blocking the reflected light and reducing glare significantly increased its usage against the LCD screen and during night driving. AR coating plays an important role in preventing harmful UV rays and prevents water and snow reflections.

Mirror Coating

In addition to being reflective, it greatly reduces the amount of light that reaches your eye. It is usually applied over dark sunglasses lenses, but can also be applied on any base color. Mirror-coated sun lenses absorb up to 30% more light than uncoated lenses. If we think of the purpose as more reflection of light and not reaching the eyes, this lens coating goes one step ahead, but it is not a reason to choose from time to time when we make proportion with fashion.


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Wholesale Sunglasses Frame Selection

You may need to purchase a variety of material sunglasses in terms of variety while offering them to your customers in wholesale sunglasses purchases. Of course, the prefers change for person to person, but sunglasses that are both stylish and suitable for ergonomics.

Preferred materials include TR90, acetate, metal, ultem and polycarbon materials. However, if we evaluate these materials in terms of ergonomics, it is the TR90 that shows a noticeable difference. It is also noteworthy that metal sunglasses are light and useful recently. The modern appearance and color variety of acetate sunglasses can also be preferred. However, choosing polycarbonate by considering the price policy while purchasing wholesale sunglasses will cause problems after sales and sunglasses will come back with breaks.

If the sunglasses frame is metal, the nickel quality should be good. if TR90, it should be paid attention not to use crushed raw materials. The broken meterials loses the material properties of the TR90 raw material and does not give the desired performance. However, we are aware that grillamide raw material provides better performance compared to TR90 with more hearing of its name. The choice of grillamide frames attracts attention with its anti-bacterial, lightweight, ergonomic and maximum resistance to breakage.

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Determining the Model in Wholesale Sunglasses Selection

Another important thing to consider when buying wholesale sunglasses; is the choice of models that may differ according to each country. There should be models that you should choose according to the creation you will create. If your preferred audience is the younger generation, you should prefer the most purchased current models as of the moment.
However, this situation is a bit risky. It is the most correct method to start with the most preferred classic models and add current models. Because these sunglasses models are sunglasses that have been sold at a certain potential for years, so they are the best selling models for years. The best way to start selling wholesale sunglasses; It is to combine the most preferred models with sunglasses that can be sold the most today. Realizing this purchasing strategy while buying wholesale sunglasses will cause your company to grow with a solid foundation.

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Country Preference in Wholesale Sunglasses Selection

Although the preferred location of sunglasses importers is far east countries, this situation has started to change in today’s conditions. The reasons for this are; In order to respond to the demands of companies engaged in the production conditions in Turkey and claimed today able to provide the production of the best-selling models. Turkey, in terms of its geopolitical position is close to the Arab and European countries, because of the shipping time is short. Turkey can provide a shorter delivery time, according to the Far East countries and can meet the needs of sunglasses. Turkey also increased in the recent period has put production quality sunglasses preferred between countries. Companies need to choose when buying wholesale sunglasses should be from Turkey.

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Production Continuity in Wholesale Sunglasses Selection

You ordered wholesale sunglasses and started to take orders from the creation you created. If you cannot supply the orders you have received, you will not be able to earn money. One of the most important points in ordering wholesale sunglasses is production continuity. Sunglasses wholesaling is not easy if you are not producing because the continuity of glasses models is always essential. Therefore, when you receive an order, not being able to supply these quantities will have negative consequences for your company. In this way, working with manufacturer companies will open the way to trouble-free trade in order to avoid negative results. Optifabrik Eyewear Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi is a manufacturer company.

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Wholesale sunglasses contact

It is very important to true comminication when you ordered the your models and details of your models changes. If you want to create a good sunglasses creation, you should do a very good research and transfer your wishes to the company where you will buy. Because the company you will purchase according to your wishes will provide production. It is important that you can easily reach the company after the ordering process and quickly resolve any problems that may arise.
We wish you to choose the right companies to buy with the right model preferences when purchasing wholesale sunglasses.

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