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It was understood how important the infectious diseases are in our lives with the Corona Virus (Covid19) epidemic, which started in Wuhan, China and influenced many parts of the world. So did viruses always exist in all areas of our lives? What is Covid-19? How are viruses transmitted? Is the virus transmitted through the eye, how is it transmitted? How should the virus protective glasses be? How are we protected from the virus? What are the symptoms and treatment methods? Let’s examine all these questions together.

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What is Virus Covid-19?

Viruses are very small organisms. The largest virus is smaller than even the smallest bacteria. It consists of a protein-coated nucleic acid. They consist of a nucleus that carries DNA or RNA in a protein-coated sheath. Since they do not have their own metabolism, they do not have the ability to live or reproduce on their own. Viruses need a living cell, plant, animal or bacteria to survive. So viruses have been present in every stage of our lives.

“Corona viruses (CoV) is a large family of viruses that cause a variety of diseases, from the common cold to more serious diseases such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV),” published on the official website of the Ministry of Health. Coronaviruses are enveloped and single strand RNA viruses, meaning their genetic material consists of an RNA strand, and each viral particle is wrapped in a protein envelope. While all viruses infect their hosts, they basically follow the same path.

The virus that invades a cell copies itself using some components of that cell, then the copies infect other cells. However, RNA viruses have a different feature. These viruses cannot correct errors that occur during replication during the RNA replication process, as they typically do not have error correction mechanisms that cells use when copying DNA. However, corona viruses are the longest genome group with 30,000 bases in RNA viruses. The probability of making mistakes increases as the amount of base copied by these pathogens, which are deprived of the ability to correct errors during replication,

increases. So every mistake brings with it a new mutation. Some of these mutations can also provide new features to the virus, such as the ability to infect new cell types, even new types. A corona virus consists of four structural proteins: nucleocapsid, envelope, membrane, and rod-like protrusions (spines). Since these protrusions are called “corona”, which means crown in Latin, these viruses are called coronavirus. Nucleocapsid contains genetic material in a sphere-like structure formed by envelope and membrane proteins. The spinous projections determine the cells that the virus can infect and bind to the receptors in the cells.

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How are viruses transmitted? How are we protected from the virus?

It is a topic that changes according to the virus type. Viruses can be transmitted by blood, air, direct contact, sexual, beverage and food, animal ways. However, we will now examine the transmission ways of COVID19, which hinders and limits our lives. Corona viruses are transmitted from person to person by respiratory or contact with the mouth / eye mucosa. Attention should be paid to the eyes that constitute an important way for the virus to enter the body rapidly while informing about precautions and protection methods against corona virus, which is spreading worldwide and which causes deep concern.

Is the virus transmitted through the eye, how is it transmitted?

Viral infections also enter our body through mucous membranes. The most important mucous areas on our face are eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore, it is important to protect these areas. It can be transmitted to our eyes by airborne droplets or by contact with our hands. Here, the most important organ is our hands. Because our hands are always somewhere; we can push the elevator button, on the stairs, on the table, on the door handles or shake hands. Viral particles that infect our hand instantly after such contact are then transmitted to our body by means of bringing our hands to our mouth-face, rubbing our eyes. The virus is known to be heavier than air, but it can also be transported by wind. Therefore, we must protect our eyes against viruses transmitted by airway.

How should the Virus Goggles be?

The googles that we need to use against viruses that are transmitted by contact or airflow transport must completely cut off the eye and air contact. The sunglasses, optics and safety glasses we use in daily life allow our hands to reach the eye, that is  block to touch, but this is not enough to protect against the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that air contact should be avoided by writing that the eyes should be protected. Therefore, the glasses we need to use; should completely cut off the air contact and leave the nose out to prevent air intake. The lens should be anti-fog cover.

Virus Protection Methods and Treatment Processes

It has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. In the vast majority of cases, high fever and respiratory problems occur later, and in cases where it causes death, it can cause pneumonia and subsequent death, causing serious lung failure.Hands should be washed abundantly, and personal care should be given importance. Immune-enhancing foods should be preferred and should not be taken to the street unless it is neccesary. When it is obligatory to go out on the streets, virus protective masks, virus protective glasses, virus protective gloves should be used. It is very important to disinfect ourselves when entering the closed environment again, not to put viruses in our living space.

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