Silmo Istanbul Fair

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Silmo Istanbul Fair

The importance given to eye health in society was not sufficient in previous periods. The fact that this ratio was low hampered the growth of the optical sector. As the level of development in the country increased, so did production in the sector. Thus, the eyeglass wearers began to allocate more budget for glasses, demanding better quality products. A conscious user is aware that preserving eye health is directly proportional to the quality of eyeglass lenses, and the eyeglass frame is as important as the eyeglass for the most efficient use. In the selection of glasses, the opinions of opticians and opticians are given importance. For this reason, it is important for these people to increase their professional equipment and to provide professional service to glasses users.

Turkey is an important market area is advancing with gaining importance once again claimed that the most important steps towards spectacle of the region can be found with the increase in recent years of domestic production quality and capacity.

Silmo Istanbul Fair is established in order to raise awareness of eyeglass users in the sector and to inform the public and employees of the latest developments. This fair is an optical fair which will last for 4 days. During the fair, optical industry companies will set up stands. The fair will open its doors to everyone interested in the optical sector this year.

What is Silmo Istanbul?

Silmo Istanbul is a fair where you can be aware of all international innovations in the optical sector. It has been organized once every year since 2013. We would like to see you at the SIEMO Istanbul Optical Fair which will be held for the 7th time between 21-24 November this year.

Thanks to Silmo Istanbul, you can be aware of the latest developments in the sector and you can contact one-to-one with new companies.

More than 130 companies and more than 600 brands open a stand in the fair. You can browse the latest collections of all domestic and foreign brands thanks to this fair and try the latest products. Please visit Silmo Istanbul Optics Fair to discuss all the questions about the optical industry and questions about the future.

Silmo Istanbul for whom?

Silmo Istanbul is for opticians, eyewear manufacturers, eyeglass factory owners, lens manufacturers, eyeglass frame and side part manufacturers, optical machinery importers and sellers, retail and wholesale optical material suppliers, companies wishing to get distributorships, designs, sector institutions, eye doctors, eyeglasses accessories manufacturers and eye and eyeglasses. If you are interested in optical sector, you should definitely come to Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair.

What’s in Silmo Istanbul Fair?

Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair is at your service with its expanding field of activity every year. Fair; In 2018, the Company expanded further with the 11th hall. Thus, it operates in a large area of 17,000 square meters. With the growth of the fair, more companies are allowed to open stands. In this way, participants can learn about the companies that do different things about the glasses sector. Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair includes sunglasses, sports, protective glasses, eyeglass cases, optical glasses, contact lenses and accessories, optometrical and ophthalmological products, measurement and diagnostic equipment, instruments for workshops and laboratories, optical industry machines.

At the Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair, there are also opportunities to draw. All details about the draw will be shared on the website before the fair opens. Everyone can participate in the draw of Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair. If you wish to participate in the lottery, you can visit the website of Silmo Istanbul and fill in the required fields of the visitor cards. Then you come to the fair and enter the door is enough to complete your participation in the lottery. Air tickets and accommodation fees are covered by Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair.

silmo istanbul

Who Attends Silmo Istanbul?

Silmo has offices in different parts of the world. These offices organize various advertising campaigns in order to make the fair heard worldwide. Thus, those interested in the optical sector will have information about where, when and for how many days the fairs will be held. As a result of these campaigns, the number of domestic and international visitors to Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair is increasing every year.

You can go to the area where the companies are located in Silmo Istanbul and discuss the issues related to your mind about the optical sector and see their products. Experienced staff in the field of companies will give satisfactory answers to your questions. You can also share your venture ideas with company officials. In this way, you will have different ideas for your new business.

You can meet many local and foreign companies by taking part in Silmo Istanbul Optical Fair. In this way, you can broaden your perspective on the sector, you can talk to companies to import new products. With this fair, you can bring new business offers to companies and set sail for new partnerships.


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