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What’s Happening in the Eyewear Factory?

With the development of technology and the increase in welfare, the needs of society have also started to change dramatically. Glasses, which is one of these needs, is an important part of today’s market. Of course, there is a production process for glasses purchased for health, image and similar reasons. In this article, we will discuss the production adventure of glasses, all the process stages..

Eyewear overview

80% of eyeglass frames and glass needs are met by imports in the optical sector in Turkey. According to 2006 data, the US has spent more than $ 28 billion on visual equipment. With these figures, the US has the largest market in the optical sector. According to the survey of Turkey’s population is predicted to increase rapidly it will increase the need for visually supplies accordingly. This will provide an increase in the trade volume of Turkey optical industry. The trade volume of Turkey has a glass lens and optical glass industry in the whole world as the largest share.

During the 10-year period between 2007 and 2017 in the optical sector, the highest increase was observed in spectacle lenses, followed by the increase in commercial volume in spectacle frames, and the least increase in commercial volume was in contact lenses. As of 2017, optical frames and sunglasses with glasses manufacturing company established in Turkey has gained significant momentum.
Eyeglasses and sunglasses make up a significant portion of the eyeglasses market. The production of these two products requires considerable seriousness and rigor. Therefore, the technology to be used in the factory and the importance of the staff is extremely important.

The model varies depending on the raw material from which the glasses are produced. The glasses are classified into three categories according to the production material. These; metal glasses, plastic glasses and combined glasses. The product, which is classified as a combination glasses, consists of semi-metal and semi-plastic materials.

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How to Produce Eyewear Frames?

Turkey needs the spectacle frame is provided as domestic production and imports. There are 83 global firms in Turkey in the framework of the company, among them. Some of these companies manufacture, and a large part of the wholesale glasses are selling. sales of optical lenses in most products has been observed in recent years in Turkey. The sales framework that continued to use the same glasses frame of the users of the reasons that more than sales shows that only change the spectacle lens but to enter the fashion of our lives and of eyeglass frames with the improvement of people’s welfare also increased the importance and established in Turkey has seen an increase in quality with new factories.

Glasses frames have different production processes according to their raw materials. However, if we classify all of them in general; preparation, planning, production, assembly and packaging.
After the nasal spacings, frame sizes and shank lengths of the models to be produced, molds are produced to standardize production. Injection frame production and metal frame production are very different processes. Briefly explained;

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Injection frame production:

Grillamid TR90, Ultem, Polycarbon, etc .. raw material selection is made according to the quality of the glasses you will produce, molded to the mold injection machine according to the predetermined model, suitable temperature, pressure, ironing values and front frame and handles are printed.
The burrs of the frames and handles that have been completed are sanded and surface smoothness is provided in the vibration machine for approximately 1.5-3 hours.
Control is provided, suitable ones are washed with high vibration in ultrasonic washing machine, dried in drying machines and hangers are arranged one by one with handle and front frames separately.

The suspended semi-finished products are varnished in order not to scratch their surfaces, rotated for 60 minutes in homogenous distribution of the varnishes in the turntable cabinets, and baked for drying. The hygienic conditions of the environment must be ensured for the varnish process to be smooth, otherwise the smoothness of the varnishing process performed at 8 bar pressure in pressure machines cannot be achieved.

The front frame and the handles are sent to the assembly area together with the metal ornaments which have been produced before. In the meantime, in accordance with the model sunglasses lenses, optical glasses demolens are cut simultaneously in the glass cutting department. Marking is done, the code is written on the inner surface of the handle. After the final check, it is bagged and shipped to the warehouse.

Metal spectacle frame production;

Frame molds according to the predetermined model are produced with the help of a lathe and a milling machine, and on the CNC wire cutting machine these molds are cut by forming the right ring and the left ring on the front frame of the glasses.
In order to connect the handle and the front ring, the necessary channels are opened for the perfect fitting of the part to the front ring, necessary slopes are given to the area where the handle will be joined and the welding processes are started.

The rings are welded to round, the nosepiece welds are combined with the two rings, the nosepiece hooks are welded, the raw glasses are obtained with the handle assemblies. Each spot is welded one by one.
The glasses are polished to ensure the smoothness of the joining points and polished by turning them on the hangers one by one in a walnut shell closet and rotating for about 8-10 hours.
Control is provided, suitable ones are washed with high vibration in ultrasonic washing machine, dried in drying machines and hangers are arranged one by one with handle and front frames separately.
Coating is done, varnish is discarded for long life.

It is ensured that the handles are curled to the ears. In accordance with the model, the sunglasses and the lenses are optical glasses and the demolenses are simultaneously cut in the glass cutting department.
Marking is done, the code is written on the inner surface of the handle.
Demolens / Lens, nosepiece and headphone silicones are mounted.
Adjustments are made, packed and shipped to the warehouse.
In fact, although we summarize both production processes, it is also an important fact that there are thousands of variables that need to be considered in the production of glasses with more details.

Eyewear Production Process Considerations

Here we come to the most crucial title. It is highly probable that various problems will arise if the work is not followed carefully. For this reason, the most important point to be considered is the regular follow-up of the works. Each stage should be carefully monitored under the supervision of experts in the field.
It is a very important issue that the employee staff is selected carefully. As a matter of fact, the work required requires a professional business discipline. The selection of experienced and competent personnel should be ensured in this field of business which is almost error free. Because glasses are a piece of equipment that is on the face of people and is looked after every communication. In addition, working with experienced personnel reduces the risk of accidents at the glasses factory.
All necessary permissions must be obtained from the Ministry of Industry in order for the factory to produce. Your capacity report and domestic production certificate should be constantly updated. It is very important to provide the necessary inspections within the specified periods and to keep the documents proving that these inspections have been provided. Thus, the factory documents can be defended in case of an undesired situation.
The glasses produced must have CE, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO13485 quality certificates and the quality should be supported with a 2 year warranty certificate.
In this article, we wanted to inform you about production and tell you how sensitive this production process should be. When buying glasses, you should pay attention to quality certifications and ask the company from which you will purchase.

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