Optifabrik, located in Ayvalık / Balıkesir / Turkey, is able to meet the optical and sunglasses requirements of its customers with its knowledge and technology in the glasses sector.

The production facility design consists of two main parts: metal frame production and plastic injection production. Work flow in the production area where occupational health and safety is the basic rule;

Designing Glasses Frame

Designing the product with our international partners and experienced designers

Metal Shaping

Metal frames are cut with three-axis electronic CNC machines.

Deburring and Grinding

The plastic front frame and the handles of the handles are cut after the injection is completed, deburring process is applied to the vibration machine is applied, between the vibrating stones are subjected to treatment for an average of 2-3 hours.


Mounting of the front frame and handles is carried out with metal trims, which vary according to the model.

Metal Polishing

Deburring and polishing operations are performed for the surface smoothness of the assembled metal frames.

Varnish Processing

Varnishing process is applied to the injection frames which are assembled to prevent them from being scratched.
After the surface coating is completed, varnish is applied to the metal glasses whose polishing is completed.

Adjustment and Control

The labeling process is complete. Optic glasses are equipped with demo lenses and sunglasses with lens lenses.


All glasses are packed and shipped to the warehouse

Delivery to Customer

It is sent to our valued customers all over the world.