The thinness or thickness of the frame lines changes both the function and the aesthetics of the eyeglass. Thin metal eyeglasses and thick plastic eyeglasses frame that eyewear are produced same shape look different. Thin metal glasses will be less noticeable and thicker plastic frames will be more noticeable.

Sometimes thick plastic frames may also be preferred to take advantage of the flawless feature of the spectacle frame. Cellulose acetate frames may be less noticeable as they distribute the weight over the nose and sides. Weight on metal frames reduces the comfort of the weight because it concentrates on two plaques. Small size plaques slide over the nose with sweating. On very cold days, when the metal stalks of the frame touch the skin, a feeling of coldness occurs. In plastic frames, this negativity is less.

Round Face: The frame of the glasses should show the human face longer and thinner. In general terms, frame should be searched for equally or slightly wider than the widest part of the face. High  frames give a longer appearance effect. The human face seems to be long if the top frame of the eyewear is thick.

Frame Suggestion: Cornered or rectangular, with wide borders

Triangular Face: The eye should be emphasized and the emphasis on the bottom of the face should be reduced. You can also try out non-subframe metal models.

Frame Suggestion: Frames with straight tops

Diamond Shaped Face: This face type has large or high cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw. Oval frames soften the edges of the face. Square frames with soft curves can also produce the same effect. In all cases care should be taken that the frame is not wider than the width of the cheekbones.

Frame Suggestion: Oval, square, without frame

Oval Face: Oval face fits almost any frame. The square shaped frames with soft corners and rising towards the temple are more suitable for oval faces.

Frame Suggestion: There can be any frame.

Square Suggestion: This type has a strong jaw line, a large forehead and cheekbones. Soft, curved frames will be selected to soften the corners. Classic oval frames are also suitable for this face type. A wider frame than the widest part of the face can make it look wider and shorter than its face. Round and square frames are very successful on this type face.

Frame Suggestion: Round, Square


To provide comfort in the glasses frames, first look at the nose bridge, the stem of the frame and the body. In glasses with plastic frames; it is important that the frame is in full contact. In glasses with metal frames; are precisely touching the sides of the nose, the glasses are in the proper length and the pressure on the ears is important. It should be taken care that the right and left rings of the frame are shaped so as not to disturb the facial aesthetics. Care should be taken that the frame is not wide from the face and is not small from face.